Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Baby Set-up

When my son was born I came up with a newborn bed system that worked great so I thought I'd share. I had a playpen that I set up by my bed when he first came home from the hospital. I put the newborn netting and mattress insert on and used the space underneath for extra diaper bags and clothes he was too small for. On one half of the bed I stored extra blankets, diapers, wipes, Desitin, "nose-plungers", gas drops, spit rags, breast pads, extra pjs (whatever you need during the night or for diaper changes, etc.). I put the changing table insert over the supplies (my playpen had one but you can use your bed if the playpen's right by it). I put my Boppy (nursing pillow) on top of the changing table. I'd usually open up some diapers and lined them up along the edge of the playpen too for extra quick changes. The other half of the playpen mattress was left empty for the baby to sleep on (width of bed instead of length). Then when the baby woke at night I could grab my boppy for quick feedings and/or if he needed diaper changes I could quickly change him right there by his bed with little interruption so he didn't fully awake and I could get him to sleep faster. Then neither of us was awake long and we both slept better!

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Megan D. said...

Very, very cool!! Great idea that I am definitely going to use for the next one.

TaraLee said...

Oh perfect!! This will totally help! Just when I think I'm ready, there's another thing to do in preparation. :)

Gina Rochelle said...

Sounds like someone's nesting!