Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kid 2 Kid

Myrtle's Mingy Methods

If you like clean, name-brand kids clothes but don't want to rummage through the wall of clothing at Goodwill to find the one good shirt, try shopping at Kid 2 Kid. They buy and sell nice kids stuff. I admit I do most my shopping at the cheapy second-hand stores and come home with a big bag of kids clothes for the season for $25 dollars because I'm just that cheap and willing to dig. But when I need a particular item (shoes, church clothes, jeans) I head to Kid 2 Kid. Good place for strollers, carseats, toys and other products you wouldn't find or trust at other second-hand stores. By the way, they also have maternity clothes. Be sure to sign up for their e-mails so you can get coupons and find out about their sales. This week they're having their big sale so I got the boys some new shoes, two pairs barely worn for $7. I'm assuming the Vegas branch is doing their sale this weekend so good time to check them out. As I mentioned, they also buy gently used kids clothing and products but call ahead to find out what season they're taking and boxing/folding instructions. Not a great return but maybe enough to buy that pair of shoes your kid needs.

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Rachelle said...

Yes, second hand stores are the best! For those in the So Cal area, there is Children's Orchard. Every once in a while they have a fill a bag sale where you can stuff as much kid clothing as you can into a bag and buy it for $5. (You can buy as many bags as you want.) It is AWESOME! You can sign up online to get their newsletters that will tell you when one is coming up.

shayla said...

I feel dumb that I've never looked for a store like this before. I just checked and they have a Children's Orchard here in Vegas as well.