Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I've never been attached to buying one brand of diapers for my kids. However, I would stick to either Pampers or Huggies, and buy whichever one was on sale.
A few months ago, we had about 2 diapers left at home, so we needed to make a trip to the store. Unfortunately, it was during a week of many bills we had to pay, and so we had to use an old Target gift card with a leftover balance of about $8 to buy the diapers we needed.
I knew we'd have to buy just a small package to last until the next pay day, but neither Pampers or Huggies had any packages of diapers that would fit our budget.
I had to make a choice between Luvs or the new Target brand, Up & Up. I tried buying the old Target brand diapers and Luvs before to save a little money, and I wasn't satisfied with either brand. So, I decided to go with the Up & Up brand. I figured it was just a small pack anyway and our little guy pees so much that he'd go through all the diapers in less than a week for sure, then I'd buy the big pack of Pampers from Sam's Club.

Well, I never bought those Pampers from Sam's Club, because these generic diapers work just as well, if not better, than those other name brand diapers.

*Plus, I compared prices, and they're even cheaper than buying the diapers from Sam's Club. (At least at the one here. I don't know about Costco... you could always check for yourself!)

Try them! I'm sure every kid is different, and they might not be great for your little ones, but they work really well on my son who used to leak through all of his diapers if we didn't change him at least every hour! I think it's worth the try, considering that they're almost half as much as the name brands!

Their wipes are great too! I think they're better than the old Target brand wipes! I'm so glad that they've improved with this new Up & Up stuff!

Also, baby wipes work really well at getting off make up... even waterproof mascara! My eyes are really sensitive and would burn whenever I used eye make up removers and wipes. Try using your baby wipes next time to take off your make up! It's something you most likely already have at your house!

Have you tried either of these products? What did you think?