Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh what do you do in the Summertime

Now that all the kids are home all day long, the days seem extra long (especially with the sun going down late)! If you have young kids, they are not interested in the lazy days of summer, they need entertainment.
Let me first recommend visiting the Go City Kids site. You can put in your city and they'll tell you all the events and attractions for your area. They'll give you ratings, maps, and calendars and if your a cheapskate like me you can dig up all the free things available.
Some movie theaters will offer free summer kids movies in the morning. Not only are they free but you don't have to worry about your child disturbing the peace, they're all kids. And if you ultimately have to leave, you don't feel you've wasted your money. Great way to test your child's theater stamina.
Find a fountain/splash park
in your area. Some public parks have a sprinkler area with rainbow fountains, mushroom misters, etc for kids to run through and "beat the heat." With three little ones, including a baby I choose this over the dangerous depths of a pool any day. Bring a picnic and eat on the grass.
Water balloons and squirt guns are always winners no matter what the age group. For older kids start a game of water balloon volleyball with stretched towels or use boxes on a tennis court for Battleship.
What do you do with your summer? Please enter comments to share your ideas.


debs said...

For older children: have a summer "school" hour. I let the kids choose topics they wanted to learn about for each week during the summer. We go to the library at the beginning of the week (great way to teach about call numbers), and I print out related worksheets from ($20 for 1 year subscription). We have also had a guest speaker (Jesse on simple machines) and gone on field trips (museum and zoo).

Tara L. said...

Thanks for the ideas. What a great blog.

Jodi Jean said...

oh what do i do in the summertime ... not much so far. just hit the pool every once in a while.