Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Great Websites

My sister-in-law recommended this great website to us:
It has videos of famous actors reading fun books. My daughter loves it and keeps requesting the "stripe story" featured above. She just watched it a minute ago so I could go put the baby down for a nap. Go check it out.
Got a site to recommend (for the kids or the moms)?


shayla said...

If you have a girl, this blog has some cute hairdo ideas:

Also, this is probably going to sound lame, but Brighton and I get on Youtube sometimes to watch videos. He loves to watch other kids singing "Popcorn Popping" or "The Wheels On the Bus". Or I'll search for talking dogs or swinging monkeys.

Robin B said...

This website is for older kids. It has all kinds of links that have fun educational games for older kids.

This is the same website but for younger kids.

tumbletown on these websites is really fun. My kids play on this website alot

This website is another educational websites with lots of choices for all ages. My daughter really loves Fearless Frieda on this one it is a simple spelling game.

This is a good learning to type program.

Our favorite is
my kids love to play Arthur, Curious George, Clifford,

Real Momma said...

Okay, not really kid-related but a site everyone should know about with the wide-spread circulation of rumors via internet: check the validity of those e-mail stories.
Also-Google has a cool (and FREE) photo editing program called Picasa that is good and allows you to easily change your pics to sepia, b&W and other cool features. You can also start a web album for sharing your pics.

Marne said...

My kids are loving the story reading site. thanks!