Sunday, August 10, 2008

Frosting Fun

Here's a fun way to teach kids primary and secondary colors from a lesson I taught while student teaching years ago:
  1. Divide white frosting into three bowls
  2. Add food coloring to each bowl to make yellow, blue, and red frosting
  3. Give each child a spoonful of each color (in a triangle on paper plate to leave room for mixing between colors)
  4. Talk about Primary colors ("starter" colors)
  5. Take equal parts of two colors (i.e. red and blue) and mix with a plastic knife on the clean space between the two colors. Have your child guess what color they'll make.
  6. After all secondary colors are made (and any other combinations-yellow and 2x blue) spread frosting on graham crackers for treat.

Got a fun craft, activity, or lesson? Share the fun! Leave a comment or send me an e-mail (with pics. if possible).

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Jodi Jean said...

MMMMMM.... frosting. must go eat some now.

wait ... that wasn't the point of you post at all.

checkout this blog for some great crafty ideas:

lindy cannon said...

Thanks for a fun idea. My son loves crayons because of their pretty color. Unfortunately he still thinks that if something is pretty it is food. I have to give him M@M's when he colors so he can eat those pretty colors instead of crayons. He will even tell me the crayons are yucky but he just can't help himself. They are so pretty! At least frosting is edible. Combine it with grahmn crackers and it's downright delicious. I might have to help him with that snack.