Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mommy Exercise

Kids add plenty of changes and challenges to the lifestyle you knew before motherhood, and your health is no exception. Not only do they change your body with pregnancy and leave you with extra pounds but life with a child makes exercise difficult. I remember when my third child was born my mom was pushing me to go walking. I laughed in my head as I thought, "Walk? I don't have time to walk! I'm too busy running around to stop and walk!" I've tried to pass off my many trips up and down the basement stairs, chasing kids, and lifting baby and toddler as my exercise. And to some extent yes, but then some muscles are getting tired and others go unused. And I feel like I need a real workout so I can have the energy I need to be a better mom. So, any ideas out there? Whether it's losing baby fat or just shooting for a healthier lifestyle what do you do (or attempt to do) to keep fit?
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Real Momma said...

1. Dance with your kids
2. My lawn's almost an acre so I volunteer to mow (one side-front or back)on an evening or Saturday. Everyone wins- kids get more Daddy time, Daddy gets less yardwork, I get a kid break and a workout
3. Play sports/games with your kids
4. I've thought about getting a simple workout video that my kids might enjoy trying with me. Any recommendations?

Jodi Jean said...

i'v thought about being more active ... key word: thought. i haven't actually put anything into action ... and now i blame being pregnant on not doing anything.

why not walk with your kids? pop 'em in the stroller (or let them run along side you) as you power walk through the park? (i tried this ... not good when you are just barely preggo ... it makes you barf!)

shayla said...

I remember loving it when I was little and my mom would pop in a workout video. I'd "join" her in her exercising. I think having your kids do it with you is a great idea. You could get your exercising in and keep your kids entertained at the same time. Not to say that they'll stay interested for very long, but it's worth a try...

My mom really likes Leslie Sansone's workouts.

As for me, I'm terrible at exercising. The only thing I ever do anymore is go on occasional walks. There was a time (pre-pregnancy) when Brent and I would work out by playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). That was fun!

Angie said...

I'm so lucky right now because Brent's school has a workout facility that's free to students and spouses (it's small, but free). Still, I have kids and a husband in medical school so when do I get to workout? A group of moms and I get together every weekday mornings from 8:30-9:30 to exercise. We each have a day assigned to us to watch the others kids at the gym so we take care of ourselves. It's such a great system. If you live near other moms who want to exercise I recommend putting something like this together!

lindy cannon said...

Exercise helps me a ton! I am seven months pregnant and have struggled with lower back pain for the past few months. I started with mild, consistent exercise in hopes that it would help ease my back pain and improve my mood. It has done both. I feel healthier and cuter to boot. Finding the time can be a trick but it works when I make it a priority.

I rotate between two exercise videos I like: Prenatal Fitness Fix with Erin O'Brien (I take it down a notch in places) and Crunch's Yoga Mama with Sue Elkin. I do them when Carson is taking his nap. If for some reason that doesn't work I enlist the help of my husband. He takes Carson to the park or on an outing long enough for me to get my workout in. I try to get in a video workout 3-5 times a week.

Videos are nice because you don't have to look decent. You can do them in pajamas and messy hair (no leaving the house!) and at whatever hour of the day you can squeeze them in! If you do end up getting pretty and taking a lovely walk, you can just use that as your exercise for the day in place of your video!