Monday, August 11, 2008

Music Spotlight

This is a wonderful musical a student introduced to me! It's a Broadway musical based on the popular children's books. It's clever and adorable and goes right along with the stories! Both adults and kids will enjoy the jazzy vaudeville-style music and funny lyrics. Makes a great gift too!

What music does your family enjoy listening to? Have a favorite kid or family CD to recommend?


Jodi Jean said...

my favorite musical is "fellowship!" its a parody on the lord of the rings ... and ooooh boy does it make me giggle. aidan loves it too.

aidan also loves panic at the disco, and weezer ... hmmmmm

Shayla said...

I love the Little Series collection. We listen to them while we play. There's also a great bedtime one. AND they have a Christmas collection too (which I don't have yet, but want to get).

Little Series

Sam said...

Since I teach dance to toddlers and preschoolers I have listened to dozens of kids CDs. My very, very favorite is Jim Gill. If you don't know who he is go find out. Every cd he has made is a delight. His music gets kids moving and learning. I also love Laurie Berkner. Her cd Buzz Buzz has some great songs, plus a cool clean-up song too.

debs said...

For Sundays I bought the kids Stories of Jesus by Melanie and Roger Hoffman. Julie already has most of them memorized.

My mom introduced me to Greg and Steve, a duo who sings about colors, shapes, imagining, moving in different ways, etc. They have 5 CDs and can be used for your preschooler on up to 1st grade. My favorite song is about food groups:).