Friday, September 5, 2008

Car Pockets

I got tired of all the stuff on the floor in the car and was feeling a need for a more organized and clean car. So I made these pockets to go on the back of the seats. I made four and each one has different size pockets. They are great for cartrips too. I stash toys and books and movies in them. They are easy to make (I am no seamstress). You just need to make loops at the top for the headrest (measure everything first) and a "loop" across the bottom to add a drawstring. Then tie the drawstring around the seat and pin up the top corners.
This one holds an umbrella, diapers, and wipes (now I can stop carrying diapers in my purse everywhere).
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Megan D. said...

Very cool!! I am totally going to try this out! I have seen them in the stores, but I don't know why I didn't think that I could make them myself. Thanks!

TaraLee said...

Genius! I love the fabric u chose too! Here is a link to a preschool age project I thought you might like:

shayla said...

Great idea. You think of everything! You could take it one step further and label the pockets so kiddies could know what goes where. Thanks for the idea/instructions.

Jodi Jean said...

those look great!!! good job, i just might have to make some after #2 arrives and things settle a bit