Friday, December 12, 2008

Children's Music Review: Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs

I randomly picked this out at the library. After reading about Dr. Jean on her website it is clear that she is well qualified in the area of teaching children but I couldn't help but notice she had no achievements in the area of singing. Sadly, it is evident on her CD "Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs".

There are several catchy and adorable songs on the disc like Katalina Matalina, The Moon at Night, and Pepperoni Pizza. My 2 year-old asked to have these songs repeated, and they are quite fun to sing. If you find these songs sung by someone else it would be worth checking them out.

Pros: A couple catchy songs, kids like it
Cons: May be annoying for adults to listen to


Gina Rochelle said...

When I was student teaching 1st grade , all the teachers at the school had these CDs ( she has several). Totally fun songs and great for teaching but yeah, her voice leaves something to be desired. We used to get these at the library too but our small-town library now doesn't have such things :(