Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day

Confession: I'm not an expert on the subjects I've been posting, I just post a few ideas I've picked up over the years in hopes that you may find them helpful and want to contribute to the discussion. This topic, however, I have more experience with and have claimed some authority on. When we moved from Las Vegas to Georgia my husband had to come out three months earlier for work while I stayed in Vegas with our three small children to sell our home. My youngest was only six weeks old and my other son barely old enough for nursery (20 months). So the idea of getting ready for, getting to , and staying through 3 hours of church alone with my three children was terrifying. But I learned great wisdom in the primary song that says, "Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday." I used to think that song was about doing your physical labors on Saturday so Sunday was a day of rest, but now I understand that it's a day of preparation. Preparing your physical needs, so that you can be open to the spirit. Saturdays I would give my kids baths, lay out their church clothes (complete with shoes and socks), put rollers in my daughter's hair, shave my legs, touch-up my nail polish, lay out my clothes (and do any ironing), pack the diaper bag (diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, and cups), and prepare anything I needed for a lesson. Then when Sunday came things ran more smoothly and we would be on time for church without the chaotic rush that can drive away the spirit. Okay, so the first week the baby spit up on my blouse as we were leaving the house, but for the most part things ran pretty well. This weekend my husband's out of town but I'm trained now and we made it to church 15 minutes early for our 9 o'clock sacrament meeting, giving me enough time to get my kids settled in and prepared for the meeting. This is not to say that this is always the case but whenever I commit myself to it, it works. I use the same philosophy for other outings that we need to be on time for. If I have a doctor appointment in the morning, I get everything ready the night before.

Share your secrets for getting out the door. How do you help your kids and yourself be ready on time for church, school, or any outing?


Jodi Jean said...

ok, so i should start doing that. i think about it on saturday, but i never do. we are almost ALWAYS between 10-20 minutes LATE for church ... even when robby's home. and we only have 1 kid! you go girl!

raffleckt said...

Well, I don't have any advice on how to do this so I will gladly draw on your suggestions. Profoundly, your suggestions couldn't have been more timely. My whole life I have been the girl that shows up late for church. This has been a point of conflict for my dear husband who prefers to be early. My philosophy has been that I want to avoid the "chaotic rush that drives away the spirit" so I've elected to take my sweet time. Last week however I gained a testimony of why I should get there on time, so this is my new goal & I will use your suggestions to implement my goal! Since becoming a mommy I've been pretty bummed about how difficult it now is to attend the temple. My soul has been thirsting to participate more in ordinance work. Last week I had a recollection that the sacrament is also an ordinance. It is a critical ordinance that is expected on a weekly basis for military, elderly, & prisoners alike. Why have I been cheating myself of the opportunity to arrive a little early & prepare my mind to participate in this special occasion? Last week was my first attempt & although I hit a few glitches, I did it! Thanks for your inspired advice... & SORRY so long! =O

lindy cannon said...

Today is Sunday and I was late. Chris is always early because he has meetings before church. He tells me he feels lonely when he sits by himself until I get there. I always try but feel so frustrated that I sometimes want to cry before I even sit down. The truth is that being on time for church was a goal and a challenge when I was single. I finally got to the point were I could do it consistantly. Not anymore! A few times I have made attempts to get some things done the day before. I think it did help but it seems that I didn't prepare well enough for the unexpected (the poopy diaper right before it's time to go, the phone call I hadn't planned on etc.) So I gave up and went back to my normal habit of rushing and wishing instead of planning better. I also tend to get distracted easily. I need to set some time markers to help me pace myself. Some people do those things naturally (not me). Thanks for reminding me that it can be done. I' won't give up!