Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lunch Makeover

Tired of the peanut butter sandwich and mac n' cheese lunch rotation? My problem with lunch is I don't really want to do much cooking or spend much money but I still want to keep it healthy. Here's a few simple lunches/snacks I do:
  • cracker sandwiches (and ants on a log & fruit)
  • leftovers (even when you have a little dinner left, it's often enough for kids)
  • quesadillas
  • peanut butter and raisin sandwich (and/or bananas)
  • applesauce and graham crackers
  • yogurt and granola (or other cereal)
  • pb graham crackers
  • goldfish/pretzel/raisin (or craisin) mix
  • mac n cheese with hot dogs (yes, cook the hot dogs in the mnc-kids love it)
  • grilled cheese and tomato soup
  • Waffles with applesauce and fruit topping (When I make waffles I make a large batch and freeze the leftovers to toast later)
  • Parents magazine had some good ones too: homemade lunches, sandwiches, power snacks

What do you do for lunch and snacks? Even your rut may be someone else's fresh idea.

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Pease Family said...

pasta with just a little butter and garlic salt mixed with peas. mandrin oranges for dessert
also, Julia fights me on healthy foods, so for things like yogurt and applesauce I will add a few sprinkles or drops of food color to make it fun

Jodi Jean said...

i must be hungry ... everything sounds sooo good and those crackers make me want to lick my screen.

shayla said...

Thanks for the ideas! I was definitely needing some.

Brighton really likes bagels with cream cheese.

What are ants on a log??

Gina Rochelle said...

Ants on a log are celery with pb and raisins

lindy cannon said...

I loved the ideas. Here are a few that work for my little Carson:

1) Scrambled eggs with cheese melted on top. My son loves this! At his last Dr. apt. I found out Carson was borderline anemic and that eggs were a good source of iron.

2) Tuna fish sandwiches. I add seasoned salt, lemon pepper, and sweet pickle relish in with the mayo for more flavor. Hint: I have to stir the tuna really well before spreading it on bread or my son is disturbed by the texture.

3) Carson loves cinnamon bread! He prefers the bread soft rather then toasted so we put whole wheat bread in the microwave for about 12seconds to melt the butter before sprinkling it. I usually serve this with a half of a banana and milk. It's good with eggs too.

4) My son loves pretty colors. If we talk about the colors as I give him fruit or veggies he is more likely to eat them. His favorite fruits: mandarin orange slices, grapes, peach slices. Favorite veggies: canned corn, green beans and peas. Hint: my son is funny about texture. He will often spit out a baby spoon full of corn or peas because it feels weird of his tongue. However, if I put the items on his tray he will eat them one at a time with his fingers and be just fine.

5) Leftovers! Carson frequently likes to eat what we are having (unless he is opposed to the texture) I used to think I always had to prepare separate baby friendly food for him. I'm learning to try him out on our food first. Often he likes it and its less work then coming up with a whole new menu.