Friday, March 27, 2009

Organization: Remembering Box

My Mission: Pack 3 children and myself for two separate destinations by next Friday.

Impossible? Each trip I take I have forgotten minor and major items, but I survived. The thing that bothers me is that I am a good list maker, but not always a good list checker, lol.

I came up with an idea I wanted to share. I've used it before in a different setting, but never thought to use it for travel, until now...

I call it The Remembering Box. I'm sure you have already realized what it is. Fantastic!

Step 1 - Find a box, basket, bin, etc. Use the size that will suit your current needs. If you use a collapsible bin, you can bring it with you on your trip. So, when those wonderful mom-caretaker thoughts enter in you can take immediate action knowing there is a home away from home :). Like when you see a stray sock and think, "oh, I need to remember to..." Hah, it's remembered!
Step 2 - Keep your ongoing pack list/remembering list in this box along with a pen.
Step 3 - Each time you remember an item needed for your trip, grab the item and put it in your box. Or if the time is premature, write the item on your list. This would be a great place to hold your travel itinerary and airline tickets, etc.
Step 4 - Before you depart, check your list. Then, take the items out of the bin and move them to your suitcase.

I've used this same idea for moving. Each time I moved, a box was designated to hold essential and needed items like scissors, markers, tape, labels, phone numbers, utility info (turn on/off info.), etc.

Wish me luck on my packing adventure!!! Please share how you prepare for a trip!


Gina said...

Anything to help me with my memory! Kids are cute, but they suck your brains out. I've learned that if I don't take care of things the minute I think about them, they're gone forever. Thanks Bri!

shayla said...

Great idea! One thing I like to do before we go on a trip is to have both my husband and I make a list of things to pack. There's always something on his list I've forgotten and vice versa.