Sunday, March 29, 2009

Silk-Tyed Eggs

Okay, this is an awesome Easter craft so I had to share. Thanks Emily for unknowingly allowing me to stalk blogs through your blog.

My husband complains that his children destroyed all his good ties. I have three children who were all bad spitters as babies, apparently my milk had a bad aftertaste. But with Easter around the corner and this craft idea, I've got plans for those ties he never wears anymore. Way cool! Find out how here.


shayla said...

way weird. how does one come up with something like this?? with that said, the eggs look great. you'll have to let us know how how yours turn out. unfortunately my husband wears all his ties. even the ugly ones.

Emily said...

Yes. My sister-in-law, Sara (who runs "Our Best Bites") is a genius.
I am also amazed at the beauty that can come from old ties. I just might be raiding my husbands tie rack too. . .