Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kids and Conference

It's always a challenge to listen to all of conference and feel the spirit with kids and the noise and distractions they create. I was hoping we could share our ideas on how to get more out of conference. I realize this should have been posted at least a week ago and probably won't be read for at least another week, but conference comes every six months so even if you don't read this by tomorrow, you can still use it and contribute.
1. Read the article in the Ensign about preparing children for conference.
2. I decided to have a Conference Bowl this session and make Super Bowl-type snacks for everyone to enjoy while they watch. Plan ahead and have things ready when everyone sits down so you can enjoy it with your family. I felt guilty finishing the cookies while the first speaker talked about the evils of giving into our food addictions, but felt better about the popcorn I gave my kids that had no butter or salt.
3. I grabbed a laundry basket and filled it with quiet toys and activities for the kids (puzzles, coloring, Magnadoodle, K'nex).
4. I have some conference activity packets for kids. If you want a copy to print, e-mail me and I'll send it to you (Blogger needs an attachment option). It's outdated though with the new apostles but still fun and for astute children, finding the new apostles can be an added challenge.
5. Play conference Bingo. Put words or pictures on your board for kids to listen for.
6. Conference comes on here at 12 and 4pm, which makes dinner preparation and timing difficult. I finely wised up and planned a crockpot meal to throw together before conference so I don't have to be cooking during the later session. You can put one together the night before and start it first thing in the morning if conference interferes with lunch or dinner or just do lunch meats or something simple.
What does your family do to make this a more enjoyable and spiritual experience?


Shayla said...

I haven't really established any conference traditions for our family yet. But I did enjoy your suggestions! I'll definitely try to remember them for the Fall sessions.

I've heard of people who set up tents in front of the TV and watch conference King Benjamin style. I think that is such a cool idea!