Sunday, April 19, 2009

Myrtle Saves the World- Board Books

Turn old board books into mini scrapbooks or baby books of your own. You can make books for your baby with pictures and things they are interested in or make memory books about your babies. You could include pictures of extended family to help your toddler get to know them. You could also make a texture book or get gospel-related pictures for a good sacrament book.
You can order blank board books from stores like Oriental Trading or Romp, but this is Myrtle talking about recycling so I'm showing you how to recycle old board books (or rather referring you to someone who can show you). You can use ones your baby's outgrown or go to a second-hand store and find the cheap ones. Click here for the full tutorial. Share your ideas on what books to make or tips if you've done a craft like this? If you've got pictures send them to me or do a post.


Shayla said...

Or...give handmade board books as gifts! I just finished making shutterfly books to give as gifts, and this seems like a great (more personal) alternative. Love it.