Friday, April 24, 2009

Myrtle Saves the World- Paper and scraps

I realize earth Day has come and gone but since I missed a post I'll give you my last random ideas on recycling:
Growing up, my mom had a scratch paper drawer. Any paper with a blank side went into the drawer. Then, whenever we wanted to draw, make a list, etc. we'd grab from the drawer. You can also make a scratch paper box out of a large cereal box like the one above (sorry it's so darn ugly but I thought I better give a picture).

Think of new ways to use old furniture-
i loved barbies when I was little. One Christmas my mom and brothers (okay, maybe just Jesse) made me a barbie house out of scrap wood. It was probably my favorite present ever! I made this Barbie house from an old changing table/dresser we had. I just made a roof and top back wall out of cardboard to make the right shape. I painted it with leftover paint we had. I went to a carpet store and asked for leftovers that they gave me for free (ask for discontinued samples or leftovers- also good for individual carpet squares for Nursery or home). We had leftover tile in our shed for the kitchen and bathroom. I made the bed, couch, cabinets, counters, and armoir out of boxes and covered them with paper or fabric (and made mini pillows). I used plastic battery boxes for the microwave, oven and dishwasher (painted black). I printed pictures of our backyard to put in small picture frames for windows (draw lines or cut paper strips for the panes). The table is a candlestick with a round piece of cardboard on it. That strange thing in the bottom right corner is an angled picture frame that I later added a fireplace picture to for a fancy fireplace and mantle. I added a wall clock by cutting out a picture of a watch from a sales ad. The closet is a jewelry box. I spray painted a plastic basket to make a crib and covered a sponge in fabric to make the mattress. I used toilet paper rolls to make the toilet and put half a plastic egg in the top to make the toilet bowl (same thing fot the bathroom sink). I still need to make the shower curtain (add eyelets to the top of a piece of fabric). I also need to make chairs for the table. Any ideas?
As you can see I had way too much fun with this. It's fun to create things.
Share your own recycling creativity or other crafty cleverness!
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Shayla said...

this dollhouse is one of the coolest things i've ever seen! maybe glue together popsicle sticks for kitchen chairs? son uses straws and empty paper towel rolls as pretend instruments. sorry, that's all i've got.