Saturday, April 11, 2009

The reason for the holiday

Okay, I haven't had time to work out the details on how to do this, but I thought I'd throw the idea out there before it's too late. We had a primary activity today and my friend did this activity that taught the Easter story using Easter eggs. Each egg had an item inside that helped tell the story: mini donkey, leaf, nail, praying hands, whip, etc. The last egg was empty to represent the empty tomb. She bought the set but I thought you could probably just improvise with stuff in your own home. I'll probably re-read the story from the Bible and rummage through my house to throw this together but I wanted to toss this idea to anyone who can get their creativity in gear in time to present this for Easter. I've been big on trying to emphasize the religious aspect of holidays for my children. Got any ideas on what items to use or other ways to help kids remember their Savior on this day filled with sugar and fighting for the prize egg :) ?


Gina said...

As I was pulling up the picture I used for this post on googleimages I thought it might be nice to have several images of the Savior to show the kids and talk about Jesus and his life and teachings and so forth.

debs said...

Cool! Our primary president gave that same presentation during sharing time today. She used soap with the verses about Pilate washing his hands, a piece of red cloth for the robe the Romans put on him, small rocks for the earthquake, a larger rock for the stone covering the sepulchre, a piece of white cloth to symbolize the burial clothes, dice for the Romans casting lots - I hope this gives you more ideas. She mainly used verses from Matthew 26-28 and a few from Luke and one from Mark (sorry I don't remember the chapters for those).

Emily had some great ideas on her blog post for other Easter activities. We dyed eggs yesterday and hid them at the park with some plastic eggs filled with candy. Today we heard talks and lessons about the resurrection at church. I think the repetition today has been very good. After church Julie asked to watch Finding Faith in Christ, a good movie for Easter, and wrote her own Friend magazine with articles about Easter. For family scripture study we discussed Easter for the Nephites. Josh was very excited to tell us all about the resurrection during our discussion. (He is a Sunbeam this year.) Simple, but kept the day reverent.