Thursday, April 9, 2009

Art Gallery

My older kids have really gotten into coloring and drawing. Every work is, of course, a masterpiece but my fridge does not have that much room. So instead I came up with a way to rotate their "art." I made cardstock frames and glued page protectors on, then strung them up between some pushpins so we could display their work on the wall of the playroom. This way they can pick their best work to display and decide when and what to rotate.
This is the method I thought worked best:
Use a standard 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper to shape your frame around and glue the pieces together. I found it best to use 12X12 sheet protectors (scrapbook size) so there's enough overlap for gluing but you could use a standard size protector and make a backing on your frame to hold it in. For the 12X12 use hot glue to glue the edges of the frame to the protector (careful the side for inserting doesn't get melted shut). On the side with the holes, I only glued between the holes so I could use the holes to help me string up the frame. Cut off the extra paper and sheet protector. Decorate frame. Hole punch the corners of frame (I used eyelets). Use yarn or other string to string through the frames and use pushpins to attach to the wall. It helps to roll some tape around the end of your yarn to make the yarn easier to insert in the holes.

OR for a much easier gallery you could string up yarn between pushpins and use clothespins to attach the art. You can use buttons, ribbon, and paper to decorate your clothespins. Or just write your child's name on the pins.
Another way I de-clutter on artwork in our house is art archiving. When my children make something I write any explanation (Emma usually has a story for her art), the child's name and the date on the picture. Then I take a picture and load it onto my computer. You can have a file of artwork for each child. This also makes it easy to send art to family. I e-mail pictures, cards, and letters to grandparents (easier and cheaper than the envelope and stamp deal). Then I can throw away the paper (don't tell my children).
What displaying and archiving methods do you use for your child's art?
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Angie said...

Oooh...I like this idea. I can hardly get in my fridge these days what with all the lovely art work. Add it to the list of projects :)

shayla said...

I know you don't post tips and ideas for praise, but I just have to say, you are the embodiment of mom genius! This is a brilliant idea. Of course my children haven't started drawing pictures but I will definitely have to remember this. Especially the uploading and archiving to the computer. Sorry, I don't have any further input.

debs said...

You are too cool to actually frame your kids work - we just slap them up on the wall with tape. Speaking of which, it is about time to put some new art up on the Cannon Art Wall - thanks for the reminder. (For those of you who have never been to my home, we have dedicated the wall in our dining room to the amazing projects my children create.)