Thursday, April 16, 2009

Myrtle saves the world- Cardboard boxes

Here's some ideas on what to do with your cardboard boxes:
Use an exacto knife to cut out letters. I got lucky and found a white box so I didn't have to paint. I printed letter outlines off the computer (just on Microsoft Word), taped the paper on the cardboard and cut through both the paper and the cardboard.

Cover a piece of cardboard with fabric (or paint) to make a bulletin board. Then just whip out the stapler and put up anything you want. This is my daughter's Preschool board.

Cover a box with fabric for more stylish storage (compared to the box itself). Hot glue works great for this and is super easy. I have a few of these for easy boardbook clean-up. I also keep an uncovered box by the potty for books. You could throw a clean yogurt cup in there for crayons too.

I covered this piece of cardboard with fabric and secured some ribbon and buttons to make a memo board for my baby's room. I just used a stapler to secure the ribbon on the back and sewed on the buttons.

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Emily said...

you are so clever!

I love the cardboard "Weston" - too cute. And Emma's preschool board is adorable. Good job!

shayla said...

My cousin recently posted about a mobile she made by gluing decorative paper to cardboard (from a cereal box). It was so cute! And cheap to boot!