Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Myrtle saves the world -Part 1

With Earth Day coming up, I thought I'd post a few recycling ideas. Two things that excite me are saving money and being creative, so finding ways to turn trash into something useful just makes my day(I know, I'm weird). I'd like to say I'm just this saintly , save-the-earth gal, but it's really more about being lazy and cheap. It's easier to use something in my house than go to the store and spend money on a new thing. But, it makes me feel extra good to think I'm reducing trash. So, here's to saving the planet while being frugal! Maybe by the end of the week you'll be seeing your trash in a whole new way. Feel free to share any of your own ideas (and make my day)!
So to kick things off, here's an idea for recycling grocery bags and toilet paper rolls:
Keep one of these grocery bag-stuffed toilet paper rolls in your purse ,diaper bag, or car to dispose of diapers (or anything else) when you're out in public. You could also do this to reuse your bags at the grocery store but I never have any left for that. At home, I also use my empty bread and produce bags for diaper disposal because we really go through diapers.

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