Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Myrtle Saves the World- plastic bottles

Use your empty soda bottles as bowling pins (add water or shredded newspaper for extra weight). Hardwood hallways make great bowling alleys. Or sterilize your plastic bottles (any size) to store water for your emergency preparedness stash. Heck, a game of soda bottle bowling may be a great distraction if you're stuck in your house living on food storage. Or cut the bottom off the bottle to make a planter for starting some seeds. For other cool uses visit this site. Pick one to make with your child for a great Earth Day craft activity.

This photo is a test to see who's as big a follower as us.

Bonus points -Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?


debs said...

I haven't noticed an answer to the riddle, yet, but maybe I was interrupted at just the wrong moment. (If I did, let me know which episode and I will review it.) I know the pilot got knocked out because he didn't know the answer, but that was by the new plane crash victims, not by anyone THAT WE KNOW has been previously associated with the island. And I remember hearing it on Wednesday's episode, but I don't remember which character said it or to whom.

Yes, Jamie, you got me hooked, but Jesse is resisting, so I tell him about the episodes after I watch them.

Riddle for you. There is an actor who associates with John Locke during his real life scenes when he is getting to know his father. The actor was in a church movie. Which church movie was he in, and what character did he play? I'll give the episode name and season number to watch the actor if you need a clue. :)

shayla said...

So, is there really an answer to that riddle? I thought it was just another "What does one snowman say to the other?" type question. Or maybe there's an answer to that one too! I must admit, I have become so confused with all the time travel stuff that I'm completely mixed up. I can't keep anything straight anymore. I am, however, quite interested in looking back to find the actor that was in a church movie. So, debs, what clue can you share? :)

debs said...

The actor is in season 2 episode 17 titled "Lockdown." He is a bad dude in both. Jesse told me to stop there, but if that doesn't help, I can give you more.

Back to the original riddle: What lies in the shadow of the statue? Does anyone remember if the atomic bomb "Jughead" appeared near the wierd person statue on the coast? Sayid, Jin, Sun, and Michael only saw the feet when they first traveled around the island back in season 2 (was it?), but it has been shown completely since then. I wanted to rewatch the episode, but it aired early in the current season and abc is only archiving 4 at a time. A theory.