Monday, April 20, 2009

Myrtle Saves the World- Scrapbooking

I enjoy scrapbooking even though I haven't done it in ages (not a single page done for my 19-month-old). Scrapbooking, however, can be a rather expensive little hobby these days. But as always I cut my corners and find my stingy little ways to make pages that even tightwads can justify in their budget. Now granted they're not as clean and cute as the professional expensive ones and I hesitated to share these because of the low quality of work but for anyone who has avoided scrapbooking because of a money issue, here's a few ideas to make it work into your budget:

1. Use pictures, words, and other elements from cards. Save those cards from your bridal shower, birthday party, and baby shower for your scrapbook. The pictures are fun, the words are perfect and you could even leave the signatures on to make the scrapbook page more personal.

2. Use the maps from your trips as part of the background. Collect maps on your vacations to use in your scrapbook. It makes for cheaper paper and better memories. It's also nice to have ticket stubs, business cards (hotels) and other memoribila (you know the scraps of the scrapbook).

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Single PAP said...

great ideas! i love to scrapbook. but if you do do that, remember the papers probably aren't acid free.